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Out on Feburary 1st 2022, here is a unique oppurtunity to get your hands on a SIGNED copy of the original pressing of Never Too Late! 


Known to millions around the world as the rhythm guitarist for former British invasion pop band Herman's Hermits, Keith left the touring world behind in 1974, to focus on Pluto Music LTD with Hermit's guitarist Lek Leckenby, a music production house and recording studio. 

Since 1968 Keith has composed the music for such award winning projects as The BFG, Wind in the Willows, Bob the Builder, Pingu and Daisy and Ollie, however in 2020, an idea began to take shape. 

Despite writing hundreds of songs over the years, none of these ever saw the light of day, so during the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020, Keith's son Daniel, himself a music producer and composer, suggested that a great project would be to dust off those old demos and ideas and form them into an album. 

The result was the first solo record of Keith's career. 

Using this great opportunity to reunite with old friends, as well as new talent, the record sessions took place across 2020 at Keith's studio in Cheshire and features the likes of Paul Burgess (10CC), Phil Bush, Sue Quinn, Snake Davies (M People).


So without further ado, here is


Never Too Late... 


Never Too Late SIGNED CD

SKU: 001
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